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Thread: Interesting Insurance Question

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    The hire agreement for our hall says the hirer accepts that our scout group is only liable for accidents in the hall if caused by our negligence (in which case we are covered under the TSA insurance). And extra wording requiring that hirers who want to use a bouncy castle must ensure that the operator has its own insurance.

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    In respect of PL cover, insurers usual position is to exclude liability arising from negligence by occupiers of the hall. Any established group or organisation using a third party premises should have their own cover.

    However! Some insurers offer a 'Hirers Liability Extension'. This covers individuals (and depending on the insurer, some small groups) when using your premises. Bear in mind it essentially extends your policy to cover their negligence (and legal liabilities) when using your premises - so you may just wish to insist they get their own cover!

    Hope this helps


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