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Thread: One of those nights

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    One of those nights

    In the beginning was the plan and the plan was good. And wise leader knowneth as Skip and his wise counsellors the assistant leaders verily did say unto one another “Last week the patrol leaders looked like products of Sandhurst. They can handle this.”

    And so they did lay the plan before the tribe known as “the scout troop” and earnestly did explain that they would use the witch craft that is the morse code oscillator to play the ancient game that is “Battleships.” A plan of great simplicity that could not possibly go wrong.
    But low! In the week before this plan was laid forth a great plague had come upon the patrol leaders who now did teareth their hair, gnash their teeth and appear incapable of uttering forth anything more than monosyllabic grunts and look aroundeth themselves in bewilderment and confusion. And did take about 20 minutes to organise their bands of merry men and women.

    And so in the mighty throng confusion did reign and in the middle of it all one of the tribe, known hence forth as “cluts” did push and pull and the mighty oscillator and did pull forth many wires making it hence forth useless. The wise and mighty Skip sallied forth to fetcheth the tool box, extracted a screwdriver but upon seeking the wonderous and glorious sword knoweth as “wires strippers” he foudeth himself blind. Where for art thou wire strippers? Unable to layeth his eyes upon them he did improvise and useth a slightly rusty pair of scissors to do the job and thus the job was bodged.
    But low! The one known as Cluts had not become known as that for no reason and did within 60 wretched seconds presenteth himself once again to his mighty leader having torn yet another wire from its place. And the wise and mighty leader Skip did weep and tear his hair. Verily he did say unto his wise counsellors, “but how?”

    Among this chaos two of the tribe had brought with them those known as “exchange partners” from the distant land of China, a land that did not speeketh the language of Skip and that Skip did not speak the language of who did look upon the mighty throng in a state of utter bewilderment and confusion as all roundeth them various games of morse code battleships progressed at the pace of a slug as the patrol leaders continuedeth with their grunting.

    And it did slowly come to everyone’s memory that next week the tribe were due to sally forth on a great march in the dark. And with a look of great paleness upon his countenance Skip did look to his counsellors and ask “what could possibly go wrong?”

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    We've all had nights like that...

    Tonight, three leaders cried off. Axe, knife and saw work oot, games consoles and table tennis in. There's much to be said for plonking kids in front of computers and just letting them drool.

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