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Thread: Booking applications for scout halls

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    Booking applications for scout halls

    We currently use Skedda to allow people to see availability for our hall. Unfortunately they then have to complete a form on our website to actually book a room.

    Does anybody use a particular web service or wordpress plugin to do the two jobs together?

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    I'd be interested to know what people do here too. I just moved to Skedda from supersaas (the latter only allowed 50 bookings at a time on the free version, Skedda has no limits.)

    We had issues with publishing the hall booking schedule and allowing people book it themselves. We have three or four regular bookings, and to be fair to the hirers, it's their livelihood. What was happening was, since we could only book so far into the future on supersaas, beyond the bookings we were able to make for our regular hirers - other people were nipping in and making bookings in their slots. Not really knowing how many bookings we'd made (it seemed to count previous bookings too) - it just got messy.

    So we moved to Skedda.

    It's slightly annoying, since I moved it to Skedda, it's rather let the person who was doing the hall bookings off the hook, and now I'm doing them... Which is really annoying - but I digress. I need to figure out how I can invoice people...

    I'm pretty sure with Skedda, you can allow people to make bookings... That might be a thing you need to pay for though... We're still getting bookings via Facebook, Scout email and my personal email (and probably other volunteers emails and via wom.) Which also causes wires to get crossed. One person needs to do it, preferably not me though.

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