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Thread: Ratios: POR v Scouting Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulArthurs View Post
    Except that the ratios are clearly described in POR as recommendations. For example:
    POR 3.7h
    The recommended minimum ratio both for outdoor activities held away from the usual meeting place and for nights away experiences is 1 adult to 6 Beaver Scouts plus the leader in charge.

    The rules around ratios are phrased as recommendations. If the ratios in POR were the minimum ratio allowed then surely this would be clear, rather than refering to a "recommended minimum".

    Yet another example of the poorly worded rule book that we are expected to follow.

    Worse still are those rules within POR that nobody follows but for some reason have never been deleted.

    I read that as the recommended minimum is this but you are free and indeed probably should have even higher ratios of adults to kids at times according to your risk assessment not that you have carte blanche to ignore the recommended minimum because its only a recommendation. I think you would have to have a damn good reason to breach the minimum ratios such as an adult failing to turn up as planned or an emergency requiring and adult to accompany a youth member requiring medical treatment and even then I would suggest a change of plan/activity might be in order.

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