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Thread: eDofE Mapping - changes have occurred!

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    eDofE Mapping - changes have occurred!

    Hi there,
    Not sure if anyone here helps support expeditions, but we spotted a weird change in the e-mapping things this year.

    Previously (for at least 6+ years), the maps produced show the planned route: the start point is clear, then the first numbered point was 1, the second 2, & so on.
    The route cards it produced would have a line for Leg 1 which would match the point 1.
    All made sense, very straightforward.

    Now, however, it transpires that the first point on the map is numbered 0 (zero). & the line saying Leg 1 on the associated route card actually takes you to the point marked zero on the map. I can only think some bright spark decided to add a line for the start point (even though the start Grid Ref is shown above), but failed to then increment the map point numbers by one to match.


    Nearly caught us out at the weekend with a Gold team on their practice.
    They were a hour late leaving camp (& had chosen to use a road instead of their planned path), so we caught them early on, had a chat about safety, & tasked them with getting to point X on the map by the time shown on their route card, 11:30.
    Turns out we had set them a near impossible task, since the time I looked for point X was actually the NEXT point on the map, due to this daft change!

    Anyway, they about made it by 12:30, utterly shattered (!), & by that point I had spotted the error of my reading.

    I have checked previous expeditions now to see that yes, eDofE has changed something.

    Perhaps an error in their programme....but either way, if anyone here is using it this year, look VERY closely at what you are comparing between map & route card, things aren't always what they seem!

    It ain't logical, & it ain't clever!


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