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Thread: Modelling the behaviour you'd like to see

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    Modelling the behaviour you'd like to see

    It wears you down sometimes doesn't it? Someone asks for your help with something, you think, that's a good idea, we're part of the community, that'll be fine, so you say yes, and then you ask for volunteers from the Explorers and .....[tumbleweed]

    It wears you down because you didn't think you needed to remind them about the promise they made contained the words "to help other people", and that promise should mean something.

    It wears you down because you can't add the snarky comment you want to on the original request, because that's not being the model person you want to be. Not very "scout like".

    It wears you down because you're offering an opportunity for those doing big fancy foreign jaunts to get some easy money in the bank, but not even getting the courtesy of a reply. This doesn't make you inclined to help them in the future, but that feels wrong too.

    It wears you down because you're going to have to make more effort trying to cajole and beg to get enough help, and you hate cajoling and begging, and you don't see why you should need to.

    It wears you down because it'll be you getting up early to park cars on a Sunday morning. And probably a few other leaders, and maybe if they have kids in the section, their kids. And you think...why are we doing this again? Who is this for exactly?

    It wears you down because you don't want to resent doing it, and resent the feckless ingrates that allow you to spend all sorts of time (yes, that I choose to do) doing stuff for them, yet when it comes to them doing something for someone else...

    *sigh* I'm guessing I should have got more sleep last night.

    Tell me it's not just me is it?
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    It's not just you!! We get asked to assist at various village events throughout the year. Requests for assistance from explorers, parents or other leaders are usually met with a deafening silence. It's almost as if no one wants to be first to volunteer. Turning up on the said day without confirmation of further help is always worrying!! The worst part is when very few turn up to help and you are left trying to explain to the people you committed to help where the others are. But we still keep doing it. We must be daft, gluttons for punishment or something else. Having said all that, I needed some help last weekend with providing refreshments at a village event and, although I was committed to something like 8 hours, 5 parents did offer to do 1 hour each. It lightened the load a little but I was still left with all the clearing up, tidying up and setting our hq back to its normal state.

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    Not just you.
    Ewan Scott

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    Nope not just you.

    Short version - we have an amazing site but it needs help with maintenance. Help would be an ideal opportunity for those that keep saying they'd love to help but aren't confident with kids, can't do a Wednesday evening etc etc. Ask for help. Add tumbleweed to list of out of control undergrowth on site.
    Does anyone know what's going on?

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    Not just you.

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    Not just you.

    I have found that the only way to get people to help is to ask them personally, either face-to-face or on the phone. But is wears you down having to do that and is emotionally very hard to go through the 10 that say know to get to the 1 that says yes.

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