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Thread: Flint and Steel for Beavers and Cubs

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    We did fire lighting using flint and steel with my beavers last night. Kept it simple they just had to ignite a cotton wool ball, it got them to hold the steel at the right angle to enable to get a good strike.
    They all managed it and then I got a fire going from the cotton wood balls (no Vaseline) to they could toast marshmallows.
    They loved it, and as mentioned above, it was not playing with fire but teaching scouting skills for life.

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    Just one more perspective. We do this with beavers and most of them wont manage it. They have fun trying and then eat marshmallows toasted on a bigger, leader managed fire. By cubs, most of them can get cotton wool burning so we can start with shapes of fire, and the fire triangle, and kindling/tinder/fuel etc. Hell, one of the cubs activity badges requires cooking in three ways over/on a fire.

    But my point is, just because we do the activity doesn't mean they need to be successful at it. Learning that some things takes practice is a valuable skill.

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