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I don't need to just communicate with them I need them to be able to implement whatever we agree which means they need the authority to agree something not have the other 4 Section Leaders start a debate with them about what has been agreed "why are we doing it this way?, why are we doing that on that date?, why don't we do x instead?etc etc". I am not having a 6 way conversation just to get something agreed. I think two Leaders sharing a Section Leader role might just about be manageable, anything more than that I don't think I would find workable.

As I say Section Leaders are free to delegaate as much as they like and on a meeting night it may well be an Assistant Section Leader is in charge of the night's main programme. I am not asking for one person to do it all just to be the Leader of the team of Leaders. Works well for us in our Group anyway and we have two Section Leaders in their 20s, the other section Leader in their 40s and a GSL in their 30s with the two younger ones having been recruited in the last 2 years so and me taking on GSL in the last year so and we have appointed these people on this basis which they are happy with.
But that's all going to happen anyway. The leader team will already have agreed, unless you're issuing diktats you just expect them to follow - what I mean is - they're still going to discuss it right?

I would hope all leader teams speak to each other (either within or across sections as the circumstances require it) and agree what's going on. If the other leaders aren't that fussed, then it'll happen the way you want it to happen anyway.

As you say, if it works for you then fair enough.

I've just returned from a meeting that highlighted the gulf that exists between how people do their scouting. These are districts that share a border. In the run of the chat, they were talking about DC's having much more leeway to ask questions about NAN forms. I was sitting there thinking "ummm, really?"

That said, it was actually quite gratifying (if a little curious) to see people actually scouting very closely to how HQ thinks we all scout.

If you see what I mean...