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Ive noticed that some CTTS have a different feel to others the only thing that that can be put down to is the number of Scouts/Guides booked in for that week , more generally = more activities being laid on to accommodate them ( including off site)
the Mix of Scouts in your group, sometimes you get Scouts who wont queue for anything, give up, and wander round, and others who will happily wait in line.

If you want a good plan for 2022, on the experience of Denmark 2017 i would recommend the next big international in that series, spejdernes lejr 2022, some of the highlights of that were:

They team you up with a Danish buddy group, with whom you camp alongside, or with ( and can share with the cooking etc)

Food ( ingredients and menu with choices set before you go) is provided by the camp, you just have to prepare it and cook it ( on an open fire) meaning no shopping for food is required

Tents can be hired for the camp , you dont need to bring your own tents and transport them there and back

Patrol boxes can be hired with cooking equipment, axes, saws etc, meaning you dont need to bring anything except for personal kit

The Camp was cashless, with money being stored on a wristband, the parents created an online account linked to the Scouts camper ID number, and wristband number parents could top their wristband up as required, control spending, set daily spending limits and so on ( authorised leaders could also access this system) the camp wristband payment also worked off site in quite a few of the shops etc in Sonderborg making camp bank somewhat easier

Activities were listed via a web app, and were signed up for that way, we had a cheap amazon fire tablet to enable this ( as most of our scouts didnt have a smartphone they wished to take at their own risk)

You will need to make sure that your Scouts have done some axe work, including the safe use of axes, as the Danish ( and other scandinavians) dont appear to use the traditional chopping square, instead the chopping area could be anywhere, plus pioneering knowledge would be incredibly useful, if not vital.
pioneering poles are almost always rough cut logs, and can be cut up/trimmed to suit with the offcuts used for firewood, or even a whole pole can be cut into logs, then split - remember to tell your Scouts not to do this at a UK site when back home

Website for the 2017 camp is here ( with english option) https://spejderneslejr.dk/en
2022 camp here ( danish ) https://spejderne.dk/projekter/spejd...nes-lejr-2022/

And our Video from 2017 here
Thanks for the info on the 2022 Danish Camp, I am seriously interested in our Group attending this camp as we have looked at it for the 2017 one but found out about it too late to get ourselves organised for it. So 2022 should be enough time to get ourselves in gear and get kids signed up for it well in advance so the extra cost ca be budget for/fundraised. I would be very interested to hear more of your expereince of the camp in 2017, especially whether you were paired up with a Danish Group and what you did for transport.