We all have an amazing story in life, those moments that mean a lot to us. A camp, an adventure, our first time in Scouting. We want you to tell us some specific things about your Scouting life. Up for getting in front of a camera and telling us more?

I'm from Scoutadelic (an unofficial YouTube channel about Scouting) and next month I want to show people's stories and passions and inspire YP and adults during this time of uncertainty and I know many people have some amazing Scouting stories. So I'm trying to gather a large range of different people from different backgrounds and different ages to discuss certain topics that we all have a story on. I wondered if anyone is interested? You'd obviously have to be willing to film yourself answering the topics.

Just fill in your details in this survey and I'll send you an email shortly with some prompts of what specifics I'd be needing. Is anyone up for it? Obviously if you get the email and think "this isn't for me" that's also fine too: