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Thread: Scout campsites should think about electrick hookup pitches

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    Quote Originally Posted by campwarden View Post
    I beleive the Outlander Mk2 was sold badged as a Peugeot and also as a Citroen. It was available with a choice of engines over its lifespan... the VW and Mitsubishi engines used were fine but the PSA (citroen/peugeot) one is now known for having issues. I cant imagine why anyone would want to take a car from a reliable Japanese manufacturer and stick a dodgy euro engine in it!
    There's one specific PSA engine that had major problems, the 1.6HDi of about 5-10 years ago, I believe. It tended to eat turbos because the muck would build up in the bottom of the sump and get sucked into the turbo. Because it contaminated the feeder pipes, if one went they'd keep going, the only way to prevent it was meticulously sticking to the servicing schedule and doing it by dropping the oil from the drain plug, hoovering it out of the dipstick hole as most "fast fit" type places do doesn't get it all out. (Ironically those who serviced themselves by dropping the oil conventionally would be in a better position than those who paid for someone other than a main dealer to do it!)

    The issue only affected that engine (not the 2.0HDi) and later ones had some sort of modification to reduce the issue, I think it involved fitting some sort of filter to catch the muck.

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