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Thread: Adults only gatherings

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    An observation that's been made at work here, is that Zoom/Teams meetings might end up being more of a pain than f2f meetings - insofar as, they're too easy to do. Add into that, some people's misunderstanding that others are now always available.

    On the basis some people enjoy a meeting a lot more than others, sitting listening to someone witter on relentlessly, and pointlessly - is proof of that.

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    Adults only gatherings: non-essential work

    As to that District limiting what work can be done until 17th May. My response would be its up to our committee aka trustees to decide what is or is not essential works and repairs. If you really are putting in a restriction please state where in law or elsewhere it is written down and put that restriction in writing (to our committee) for consideration and to give us a good laugh.[/QUOTE]

    Once again, Dave has this absolutely right. It cannot be anyone's responsibility other than the Trustees, advised by leaders, to decide what work needs to be done to Scout buildings or premises. In any case, if your District / County / Region people are suggesting that routinely we turn up to do work on the premises that is not 'essential' (I do not mean an emergency) then they are living on a different planet to me.

    Best wishes to everyone in getting their pemises up and ready for the restart. Let's hope the lockdown stays away longer than last time.

    RH, Nottingham

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