Dear All

There is a lot of chat about at the moment regarding the funding cuts to British
Waterways, Environment Agency and other agencies that will affect our waterways.
This will have an impact even on some of those not owned by BW and EA.

The main point is that a 15% cut in funding to the above organisations will result
in 180 jobs being lost, meaning the maintenance of our canals will suffer greatly.
The weed in the summer that blankets some of our canals might not be cut. Making it
very dangerous to try to paddle through, let alone dangerous if anybody fell in.

Whilst the argument on how we can best counter these cuts will run and run, it does
seem that writing to your MP is a valuable spend of your free time.

We now have the details to maximise the effect of writing to your MP:

Early Day Motion 2757 has been lodged by Charlotte Atkins MP, details here:
An Early Day Motion (EDM) is a device to gauge MPs interest in a topic. Lots of MP
signatures on this are an excellent start to a campaign that can be followed up with
maybe an adjournment debate, Parliamentary Questions. Take a look at the
Parliamentary website for a well written and frank guide to parliamentary methods.
You can also see who's signed so far.

So if you write to your MP expressing concern about the impact of the cuts in
waterway funding then please ask her or him to sign EDM 2757.

Make your letter brief but individual, outlining how the cuts will affect you and
your community. Just say something like "If you haven't already done so, please
could you sign EDM 2757, I'm very concerned about the impact of the waterways
funding cuts because I use the waterways for so and so and these cuts will place a
significant risk on BWs ability to deliver this.

40 MPs have signed up already but we need at least 100 otherwise Defra and the
Ministers could take the view there's no public objection.

You've only got 1 or 2 weeks to do this, there's a deadline for signatures before
the official opening of parliament in mid Nov.

List of MPs ordered by their constituency here:

Hopefully you can help.