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Thread: Centenary Camp

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    Centenary Camp

    Just got back from Warwickshire's Five district centenary camp (well 5 and a half!!!) at Charlecote Park in Warwick.

    I'm shattered!!! We have a scout hq filled with 9 wet patrol tents and 4 other tents hanging from the rafters...

    On the whole it was a good weekend. Plenty of activities with the usual scout stuff as well as some slightly unusual stuff like Laser Quest inside a giant bouncy castle thing, Straw caving, Velcro olympics, a proffesional circus and one of those giant inflatable table footballs.

    One of my most treasured memories must be the mexican wave at the opening ceremony.

    A question... Has anyone been on a centenary camp yet???


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    We did our group centenary camp last weekend, absolutely fantastic! It's the first group wide camp we've run and it was excellent. The kids had a great time, and I only shouted at 2 leaders in the team, but that's cos they woke me at 1am when they got back back from the pub...

    If you think that 13 tents is a problem, I've got canvas for 160 and 6 mess tents to dry. All from a rather wet couple of hours on Monday morning.

    The last time we had this much wet canvas it took 2 months to dry.


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    Can I make a tentative suggestion (no pun intended). Approach a local nursery or glass house, and see if they have an area that you could use to hang the canvas. We have a parent who has a nursery and one area that is not being used at present, we can hang the wet canvas there under glass.
    We have our first camp this year this weekend, I have 18 Scouts and 3 leaders at our District camp at Ferny Crofts. Wet on Friday night, dry today, who knows what tomorrow will bring, hopefully all will get their Outdoor challenge badge out of it.

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    I got back earlier from our County's (Central Yorkshire) Centenary Camp. The Explorers and Scouts seemed to have had a great time despite it raining for most of the camp. With about 3 600 members on site at the peak I believe our camp may well have been the biggest Centenary Camp in the country.

    There was a nice little piece in the local paper about the camp
    and apparently it featured on the local news on ITV as well.

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