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Thread: How Was Sunrise for You?

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    Hey Katie, how was Poland, did you cope with the flight etc. Did you cope with the Jamboree OK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wealdbrook View Post
    We had a good time in Brentwood with Scouts from Thriftwood joining us for breakfast (well hot dog or burger). It was very moving and our cubs enjoyed swapping badges with the internationals from Thriftwood.
    Hey, that's me, I was one of the Explorers camping at Thriftwood! Fantastic sunrise ceremony, and fab day overall - thriftwood laid on activities all day, ending with a street party (lots of mexican waves), campfire (lots of OGGI OGGI OGGIs) and fireworks

    Going down the street in a procession from Thriftwood was great, hundreds of us in uniform, carrying flags, and yes, shouting OGGI OGGI OGGI evry so often, to the amazement and bemusement of the cars held up so we could cross the road! Also our group had yellow card suns on sticks to carry, and we gave them out at the ceremony so loads of groups had them by the end - it was great giving them to people from different countries and seeing people with them on the way back to the campsite and us thinking 'i drew the smiley face on that sun...'

    Fantastic day, and definitely memorable Oh and the way we finished after the serious bit of making our promises and listening to speeches? You guessed it - OGGI OGGI OGGI! OY OY OY! OGGI! OY! OGGI! OY! OGGI OGGI OGGI! OY! OY! OY!

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    I got up at 4am at Jamboree to watch it...

    and at the ceremony we were RIGHT in the centre of everyone!

    It was so so exciting!

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