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Thread: [Answered] Invitation and postcard question...

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    [Answered] Invitation and postcard question...

    Hi Peter

    We are glad to hear that you enjoyed Everest with the Hampshire scouts.

    Our Sea Scout Group in Hampshire, is a very busy active one with over 24 Explorers, 65 scouts, 40 cubs and 28 Beavers at the moment and each and everyone would like to have the opportunity to meet you.

    We are planning a special fun day next year on June 15th at HQ and nothing would please us more than seeing you there - are you free that day and would you like to come along?

    I run the Beaver section, and as a challenege in January we sent postcards to 100 people asking them to write to us about Scouting. We had replies from the couny commisioner and the Queen amongest ohters - but the one we sent to you was never replied too... please make our centenary challenge complete and send us a postcard...

    I am happy to private message our HQ's address as you'll need it to visit in June

    I look forward to your reply, which I will share with my Beavers

    Yours in Scouting
    Parent - ex Beaver Leader, District Beaver Leader, TA and ESL

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    I dont think I received it but send another and I will reply. Good luck with the Fun day.


    Peter Duncan
    Vice President
    (& Former Chief Scout)
    The Scout Association

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