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Thread: [Answered] Encouraging employers to give Scouters time off

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    [Answered] Encouraging employers to give Scouters time off


    we know that Scouting does not qualify for the statutory "paid leave" like the TA, magistrates, etc., however a lot of us believe that Scouting is imprtant for society.
    Would you be willing to use your connections to encourage employers to look favourably on Beaver/Cub/Scout Leaders who give up a lot of their time so that we can afford to go on camps, etc. but still take our families on holiday? Perhaps you have connections in Government who could encourage the Chancellor to allow "tax breaks" for firms that encourage voluntary work?

    What do you think?

    John Alexander,
    ASL and Assistant Webmaster
    1st Weald Brook
    ESL(YL) Brentwood District

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    I have read the government is looking at this. They need volunteers for the Olympics and there will have to be some benefits. I think scouters should get it, perhaps someone will know if the suggestion has been made. I think there was an online petition about it.


    Peter Duncan
    Vice President
    (& Former Chief Scout)
    The Scout Association

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