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Thread: Halloween for Explorers

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    Halloween for Explorers

    Hi Escouters!

    I am running the Explorer Unit Halloween Party this year. I used to be a Venture Scout leader so I know that a Halloween party does go down well with this age group.

    The last time I ran one we had the usual messy activities then we shut off all th e lights save for a few candles and I told a scary story that I knew. I have to say I am quite good at telling stories and they genuinly enjoyed it. I would like to repeat this again this year - unfortunately, I only knew one story...


    does anyone know of any really scary stories I could tell them? Or where I might find some?



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    Just put "scary stories" into Google , it comes up with loads to choose from.
    Happy Scaring
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    Sounds like great fun

    If you want to add an extra scare somewhere then you could try one or more of these:

    - have someone hide in the room in costume before the meeting starts. Get well into the scary story (in the dark I hope!) and have them leap out with a howl and a few light sticks
    - get a few of those wind up rats, spiders etc (some are really quiet). Again wait until it's dark and set them off across the floor....
    - if special effects are possible have them going off through the story - and ideally something like water pistols spraying out cold water, really makes them jump!

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