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Thread: Live07 from Wales??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kastor View Post
    Just looked up getting there (Paddington) by train from Landeilo. 4h 15mins to get there, 14h 6mins () to get back with a £63 return fare. Not many takers I feel.
    Last train to Swansea on a Saturday leaves Paddington at 10pm!
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    Trains to Llandeilo are run basically for tourism on the Heart of Wales line if we want a train it's easier to get dropped at Carmarthen or Swansea cuts a few hours and alot of £ off the trip. Travel by car is great and if I had the oppertunity to go thats how I would travel but sadly not allowed, did day trip to WSJ and used up my allowances at home with that one.
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