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Thread: Uniform or not to Live 07?

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    we are going down on the train - top half uniform i think as we are stopping in BED and Breakfast after and dont really want to take much stuff with me as it may get nicked in a sharing B&B.
    Its going to be busy busy busy around London.
    I bet scouting dont even get a snippit on tv or news
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    We're taking up 11 Scouts and Explorers to the show. Does anyone know if the Dome is freely open for people to walk around and do stuff in the Live 07 Fringe if they don't have a ticket to a Live 07 performance?

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    Hey Chrisp... I've emailed in to ask and this is the reply I received from one of the organisers (Peter Rogers):

    "The 02 is open to the public (free) throughout the show so inside the tent you can access all the bars, cafes, restaurants that are on the outer ring (not in the arena area) including the 12 screen cinema if they want, the Tutenkamun exhibition or indeed a night club called Indigo.

    Right outside the 02 (outside the tent) is an area called peninsula square where there will be Scout Bands, climbing walls a few displays and so on, so a group of adults could spend a very pleasant evening see all this, having a drink and a meal and not see the show at all."

    So... yes! Ticketless but still able to have some fun. You can see the activities in the outer arena on the map -

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