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Thread: Centenary Camp DVD

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    Centenary Camp DVD

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this has been posted on here before somewhere but I couldnt find it.

    My Dad is the scout leader of our group and I am an explorer and also the webmaster.
    Basically, he has asked me to make a DVD of pictures of our groups centenary summer camp from this year for scouts/cubs/beavers and their parents etc. Ive got plenty of photos to put on to it but I'm not sure how to go about making it.
    I have many programs to try including windows dvd maker, windows movie maker and intervideo win dvd creator 2. I wanted to make a slideshow using the photos with background music and a menu etc.
    None of these programs seem to have a good menu system, eg. you can only view each of the photos one by one. and i cannot rearrange the photos into different sections depending on what the viewer wants to watch.

    Im sure that many people have successfully created a dvd like this before and I was wondering whether people could please give me a hand in deciding of the software and creating the dvd.

    Many thanks,

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    I would also like to know of such a program ... I have tried many and none of them were well outstanding ...
    Scott Robertson
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    if you want an actual DVD that you can play in your DVD player....i don't think you can just flick around the photos....

    the only thing i can think either to create each photo as a 'scene' in any of the above programs, then you can create a playlist in MediaPlayer or whatever that only plays the scenes you want?

    either that, or put them into sections on PowerPoint and do your own menu,

    then you can burn it to CD / DVD (depending on size!) and the user can create a local copy that they can mess about with, or just open it and reorder it, but then cannot save back onto the disc!

    either that or i have missed the point


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    If you want to add music, captions, fades, etc. then I would use movie maker. We have done that for a couple of jamboree presentations (even including video clips as well).

    I don't see why you shouldn't burn the result to DVD but I have never tried it.
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