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Thread: Centenary full time score

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    Centenary full time score

    You may remember that I did a half way thread about the Centenary. Well, what are your scores on the doors? My list is mainly Centenary with a bit of non-Centenary stuff.

    Plus points

    *Visiting Gilwell late July to see their Centenary prep.

    *Going to the Jambo on a day pass with my Beaver Scout son (then doing the whole 'You won't realise how important this visit is 'til you are older' routine!).

    *Staying in Brownsea Castle and being on the Island for the Sunrise.

    *Getting loads of signatures at the various events on my Centenary flag.

    *Possibly being the UK starry scarves' only fan!

    *Mahoosive badge haul.

    *Getting my name on the window of recognition at Gilwell and visiting the opening on Founders Day.

    *Meeting UK Chief Peter Duncan for the first time at Gilwell and also Brownsea.

    *Attended my first Gilwell Reunion.

    *Got Scouting magazine's cartoonist Ian West to sign my copy of his book for me.

    *Designing and actioning and getting made official an Apache Beaver Colony 10th anniversary badge.

    *Overseas email contacts made, as well as some closer to home.

    *Getting hold of a Scout 50p.

    *Being asked to do a display of my Scout Group in our local museum and having it's run extended.

    *Winning the Community Channel's Centenary competition.

    *Great year learning and participating on escouts' forum.

    Minus points

    *My Scout Group was the only name missed off the Gilwell Window of Reunion. also the window was off the beaten track which didn't make it feel quite as special as it could have been.

    *Heavy UK bias towards the Jamboree.

    *Ditto jambo merchandise.

    *Cheap material used on starry scarf.

    *Price of above considering it's mass production (ditto the badges).

    *The Centenary badge, available in loads of languages but Welsh Scouters had to buy a camp blanket sized one.

    *All the Reunion stalls started shutting down straight after dinner on my first day visit (admittedly on the Sunday), also the tethered hot air balloon ran out of gas at 11.00 =(

    *General lack of circulated Scout 50p pieces.
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    plus points
    • Winter Brass Monkeys Camp. (first camp of 2007)
    • St Georges Day Parade and Fun Day in the Town Centre.
    • seeing the yp enjoy them selves at the wet Centenery camp that I organised
    • Sunrise at two venues (in village for the real sunrise and district for the official)
    • press intrest in scouting was brilliant.
    • Jamboree TV coverage
    • My first Gillwell reunion
    • Meeting Astin at Gillwell reunion.
    • Getting a Scouting 50p at Gillwell
    • Zip wire at Gillwel
    • Live 07
    • Networks Minis at live 07
    Minus Points
    • Trying to cram more in to a alredy busy year that meant loacl activies been cancelled.
    • General lack of circulated Scout 50p pieces.
    • Not going to Jamboree
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    My Plus Points:

    *Attending Windsor for the National Scout Parade, with the Queen!

    *Attending the Jamboree as International Service Team

    *Choosing Stewarding at the Jamboree as my job! Got to see a lot more of the site at all hours of the day! Rain or Shine!

    *Attending our Scout Troop's Summer camp to Kent, Including a Day Visit to France

    *Visiting Gilwell for the First Time and Realising its actually quite a nice site!

    *Having our Group on the Window of Recognition and finally finding the window in November (after spending 2 hours looking in August!!!)

    *Being in the Audience for Live07 @ the O2

    *Getting Involved with Network

    My Minus Points:

    *All the Scout Shop adverts and leaflets within Scouting

    *Not having full coverage of the Jamboree Ceremonies (there is a valid reason for not having it, still would have been good)

    *Live07 DVD available to only Cast and Crew (Same as above.. )

    *Not attending Gilwell Reunion (must try to make my first trip to this event next year....)

    *Not being able to gain my Bring a Friend Join in Centenary Badge!!! (No one would come!!!)

    *Live07 Technical Problems

    *Mega Gig Cancelled

    ...may edit when i can think of the rest....

    Explorer Scout Leader | Group Trustee
    4th Huddersfield Golcar Scout Group
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    Plus points:

    - taking part in Centenary Camp and seeing everyone having a great time
    -earning all 4 centenary badges, my parents came to help at several events so they were my bring a friend
    -taking time to go down to the World Jamboree for the day
    -being project manager for the District Sunrise events, including a camp and gig the night before
    -getting up at about 5.30am on 1st August, seeing the mist rise across the river and the campsite, heraing the young people starting to stir and feeling proud of what we'd achieved
    -arranging for our Troop to spend 10 days on an amazing adventure in Norway, and persuading my husband that really was how he wanted to spend some of his annual leave
    -recruiting a brilliant new Scout Leader (thanks Lynne!!!)
    -recruiting 2 new ACSLs (thanks Rachel and Anne-Marie)
    -seeing our waiting list grow and grow because the young people enjoy what we do as a Group
    -managing to get a £1200 donation towards new tents
    -arranging for 2 coachloads of all ages to go to Live07 and having a great time
    -several adults admiting that both "Follow" and some of the campfire songs had them in tears at Live 07
    -using contacts in the Royal Marines to arrange a night the Cubs and Scouts will never forget, and why they now really understand why we remember
    -seeing our YL team grow from 1 to 8, and they really are the leaders of tomorrow!
    - seeing our young people realise that whilst peers may think scouting isn't cool, another 28 million disagree with them so they really should be "scout and proud"
    -using my virtual family on for ideas, general moans and realising how great Scouting can be
    -seeing our Group families come out despite the pooring rain today to fund raise, and realising that with such great support all things are possible.

    The down side:
    - our waiting lists just keep growing but we don't (yet) have enough adults to open up an extra Troop night
    - the cost of some of the jamboree / 2007 items for the quality of it
    -the glitches at Live 07, but with the hope similar events take place sooner than 100 years (but without quite so many glitches)
    -realising that the ancient 2 storey building we use really can't cope with our grwoing needs and realising doing something about it is going to be tough indeed

    GSL 1st Fenstanton & Hilton Scout Group

    TA - Cromwell District (Cambridgeshire)

    Media Manager - Cubjam2016

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    So here it goes:


    • Organising my first ever camp in the centenary year.
    • Being able to go to the Jamboree, and being in the best team, Atoll lives on.
    • Being able to complete 35 nights away in one year.
    • Being part of the Live07 cast as a flag barer
    • Meeting some great people at Live07
    • Getting in to Uni (not quite scouting)
    • Arranging the Active Kids vouchers and managing to collect 10500 vouchers
    • All the camps/activities that I have organised (Frosties, Alton Tower, Games/BBQ Evening, Narrowboat, Lord Amory).
    • Being able to visit Gilwell

    • Some of the pore decisions that TSA made at the Jambo
    • The technical problems at Live07
    • Lack of leaders at our group as a whole

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    Plus Points

    - Taking part in a great Central Yorkshire Centenary Parade though Leeds

    - Central Yorkshire Centenary Camp, 8 Districts with over 3000 people on site was very impressive and it was well organised with great activities. Made me glad I insisted our Troop and Unit attend and pushed the Scouts and Explorers to go on it.

    - The great banner of handprints from all the people in the District made for our District's Sunrise Ceremony, which has been hung up from the rafters of our Church for the last 2 months helping our relations with the Church

    - The Scout 50p, not that I have seen one yet but they will be in circulation a long time so will be a constant reminder of Scouting.

    - The Jamboree, I did not attend at all but just hearing from those that did even just via Escouts has inspired me

    - Visiting Brownsea Island during our Family Holiday

    Negative points

    - The rubbish PA system used for the Multi Faith Service at the Centenary Parade (The worst thing being Millennium Square in Leeds where it was held has a built in PA system but they didn't use it )

    - The disappointing lack of press coverage of the Centenary Pardade, it was only covered in the local paper. You'd think thousands of young people marching through one of the nation's major cities might have been more exciting than the archery club the local BBC News decided to feature on the same day

    - The appalling weather at the Centenary Camp (boy was it cold, wet and windy!)

    - Peter Duncan not making it to Central Yorkshire's Centenary Camp due to the appalling weather grounding the helicopter (not his fault just unfortunate after everone had been told he was coming)

    - The distinct lack of press coverage of Central Yorkshire's Centenary Camp, it was one of the largest in the Country and as far as I am aware didn't even warrant a mention on any local TV. Even Scouting magazine failed to include it in their round up of Centenary Camps despite not including a single Centenary Camp from the North.

    - The canceling of the Big One at the MEN arena
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    My Plus Points:

    My Cubs - they are just a brilliant bunch of kids.
    Recruiting lots of new Cubs & Beavers - future looking good.
    The Sunrise camp - I organised it and we had the hottest two days of the summer.
    Recruiting 2 new ACSL's - And they actually volunteered.
    Getting lots of new badges for my camp blanket.
    Remembrance Day Parade - My Cubs were briiliant.
    Being asked to be an editor for the new Welsh website.
    Our Cub Summer camp at Silver Cross - Huge Success

    Negative Points:

    All TSA merchandise flogging and bombardment of flyers. I thought the centenary was about celebrating Scouting, not seeing how much we can rip people off.
    Area Centenary Camp - Poorly organised and boring.
    Jamboree - would have liked to have gone but like many we can't all afford the travel and jamboree costs.
    Getting infected by a mosquito bite on summer camp, my leg swelled to twice the size and had to spend 3 days in hospital.
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    what made it diff from normal years?

    jamboree. day visit. good.
    longer ctt and some foreign scouts. good
    those extra badges. expensive... and they'd have done most of the stuff anyway.
    that scarf didn't do it. expensive
    district centenary camp ok... like millenium and jubilee. same format

    those were the only differences i think. everything else was the same as normal.

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    My Plus Points

    * Centenary Camp
    * Moving to cubs
    * SAMJAM (Sittingbourne and Milton Jamboree)
    * Totally Wild (although did get very wet)
    * Getting all the Join In Centenary badge

    Minus Points
    * Disappointed to see all the jamboree stuff being sold at other events.
    Mike Jury
    Escouts Team
    Ecamp 2009
    Radio Amateur (M0MFF)

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    Plus Points...

    *Expedition to Iceland with our Jamboree Unit.
    *Speaking at the Founders Day Service at Westminster.
    *Our County Centenary Camp (which I ran the media for, and it was a great camp too!)
    *Helping with our County's £1.3million fundraising campaign. WE DID IT!
    *Expedition to Italy and Croatia with our Jamboree Unit.
    *JAMBOREE! (enough said!)
    *Despite a focus on national events, we still had many successful group and district events.

    ...and a hundred other highlights...

    Minus Points...
    *MegaGig was cancelled.
    *LIVE07 was excellent, but did not live up to my expectations.
    *Everyone still thinks Scouts tie knots.

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    high points-
    centenary walk dressed as a pirate
    centenary camp
    summer camp
    staying at brownsea
    district events
    jamboree day visit, got bunch of peeps to sign my centenary flag and got loads of freebies
    sunrise at the eden projet
    ice skating at eden
    getting my provisional appoitment and completing my training in 3 months!
    and numerous other camps and activities we've done through the year

    low points-
    had rubbish time at a district event because of beahviour of kids
    weather on centenary camp
    there prob some more but cant think at mo

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    High Points.

    Getting back involved in Scouting
    Fleecing my dad of all his old scouting Stuff that I wanted when I was a Scout Thanks dad.
    Completing my initial training within 3 days of getting my provisional
    Jennie getting the Scouting bug
    Sunrise on our own on the Beach at Perranporth - very special to us
    Doubling the amount of Cubs so we now have to start a waiting list

    Low points:

    Never got my Warrant through and still haven't got my appointment card - but then it's only been 9 months since I completed my training

    Look forward:

    Completing my training next year and getting my (my dads old) wood beads
    Another full year with my cubs and getting better as I learn what supposed to be done and more importantly what they enjoy.

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    Plus points (in no particular order!)
    My Scouts, parents and leadership team
    Will going to the Jamboree and coming home a different person
    H007 summer camp
    Having 3 Japanese Scouts to stay for HoHo

    Minus points
    The cost of all the bits and pieces associated with the Centenary and Jambo
    The Scouts, parents and leadership team (at times)

    Overall I have had a great year and am looking forward to 2008

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    Plus points -

    Getting to know many more people in the District and Area due to the 07 activities (the Group and Explorer Unit have a history of being quite insular)
    Area Centenary camp - yes it rained, but 2000 people had fun.
    Regular attendance of 16-20 Explorers each week
    3 D of E Bronze Awards and Platinum Chief Scout Awards
    6 Explorers now helping with Beavers / cubs/ scouts / Brownies.
    Helping out with Starburst activities at the Jamboree - showing Kenyan Scouts blackberry picking and Arab Scouts the joy of pooh-sticks.
    Bumping into old friends at the Jamboree.
    Colleagues at work knowing what the Jamboree was about and commenting on the excellent press coverage.
    Finding a photo of my husband in the day visitors book for the Jamboree

    A few sticky moments with the leadership team of the Unit - (now going from strength to strength, planning meetings are fun again)
    "Rach..... what do I do with the instant whip once it's boiling???"

    AESL Phoenix (Afon) Cardiff
    Birmingham Uni Scout and Guide Club (BUSAG) and SSAGO chairman many years ago....

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    Plus Points

    • Attending the Jamboree

    • District Centenary Camp

    • Fantastic Media Coverage

    • Loads of new friends

    • Meeting the Chief Scout and Lord Baden Powell

    Minus Points
    • Megagig cancelled

    • Not being able to meet up with the Jambo Cast at Live 07 because of Work commitments
    Producer & Director - St. Helens Gang Show
    ABSL - 21st St. Helens (Newton-le-Willows)
    Production Assistant, Ceremonies Team, 21st WSJ

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