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    Home Help


    I am lookig at doing the home help badge with cubs tonight

    I know Penny sent me stuff but do you think I can find it

    Any one else got any other ideas for the badge

    scouts at 9thmuswellhill dot co dot uk
    Derek Chambers,

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    I did it with my cubs.

    I did as much as I could with the cubs, including ironing their neckers and tops.

    I sent a letter home asking the parent to sign off that they had completed others.

    The final test being to sew the badge on, if they managed it they kept it, if they didn't I took it back and gave them another chance the following week.

    Text of letter was:

    Dear Parents,


    One of the badges that we will be working towards this year is the Home Help Badge, as it’s name suggests the Cubs will be required to help out at home, with the routine household tasks.

    In order for the Cubs to pass this badge they must complete the following:

    1. Under Adult Supervision, cook a simple one-course meal.
    2. Lay a table and serve a simple meal, can be done with requirement 1.
    3. Wash up afterwards and show how to clean a saucepan or similar cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware etc. This may include correctly loading and unloading a dishwasher.
    4. Keep their room clean and tidy and make their bed for a week (at least!).
    5. Clean two of the following: windows, silver, brass-work, basin or cupboard.
    6. Clean and tidy a living room.
    7. Under adult supervision wash and iron their Group Scarf.
    8. Sew on a badge or button.

    We will cover the ironing of the scarf, sewing on a badge at the normal pack night on the 10th May, but we need your help to sign off when they have completed tasks 1 – 6 and also to help them wash and dry their scarf.

    Could you please complete the form overleaf and return it to us on 10th May. As the badge they will be sewing on is the Home Help Badge itself, without the slip the will not be able to complete the badge.

    Please also ensure that they bring their washed scarf with them and also a top to wear whilst they are sewing on the badge.

    We will provide needles and thread.

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    Brilliant idea!!

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    We try and get our Cubs to do this badge at home, I have a check sheet made up with the requirements on it the Cubs can take home and parents can sign off when things have been done, its an easy one for them to do over a half term or the like and gets a new Cubs started with a badge on his arm.
    Yes they can cheat, but they can with any of the "outside Scouting" type badges.
    Ian Turner
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    I usually give them a sheet as soon as they are invested and tell them they have 6 months to complete it as it will show that they are taking their promise seriously and being helpful.

    So far, I have 4 who have completed it since we started last September. I really was hoping that more of them would have completed it.

    I do like the idea of getting them to sew the badge on in the meeting though. Cool idea.

    One came along on Monday and said he had completed it. He brought the slip back signed. I knew he'd had a damn good go cos he had a "pleat" in the sleeve of his uniform

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    I think Dettol maybe sponsered this badge and produced a pack for it? Worth ringing Gilwell and seeing if they have ny left. The kids got a booklet each for parents to fill in and a certiicate when they had finished it. Good resource and it's already there!
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