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Thread: Gourmet 'frying pan' meths burner sets, where to buy?

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    Gourmet 'frying pan' meths burner sets, where to buy?

    Does anyone know where you can get hold of Gourmet sets in the UK for a reasonable price? The ones weve got at the Scout hut are getting a bit worn.

    Basicly there two small meths burners that sit on a base, with a support 'grill' for two small frying pans
    Our former GSL bought them from France, and there ideal for pancakes and other such things.

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    Two options;
    I've seen a number of these at the local tip shop (sorry - "recycling Centre").

    OR you could make your own.

    For the grid use an up turned metal shopping basket.

    For the burners take a look at the Wings archive or Zen Stoves.

    I have made pressurised alcohol stoves and they are MUCH hotter than Trangias, weigh very little but use a lot of fuel. It's a matter of trade off.

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