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Thread: Project Meridian - Ghana 2008

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    Project Meridian - Ghana 2008

    Knowing that one of our own Young Leaders is part of this team (plus a work colleague and Jamie too from Herts) I offered to post on here in case any were able to help with this worthwhile project.

    The project is being lead by the intrepid George Devine (who our Group helped last year with a similar project in Malawi that you may have seen in a recent copy of the Scouting magazine, We used it as a great way towards part of our Group International Friendship Award)

    Whilst the volunteers going are busy raising their £2500 the project needs support in other ways too.

    Buy a Brick
    To build the place the project will be getting around 30,000 bricks , made locally to help the local community in that way too. Individuals, Colonies, Packs, Troops, Units, Groups etc can help by sponsoring bricks at £1 each.

    Container Items
    For the work itself, and to support the volunteers during the project, they are after various items to fill a container. Please see the attached list.

    If you can help in anyway please either contact them through the e-mail on the web link above or PM me.
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    As you may (or may not!) know, I am going on this trip

    The latest version of the container list is attached below
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