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Thread: New Programme

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    New Programme


    I have been heavily involved with the new programme in my County (esp because I am now Scout Network Chairman). I have also been responsible for the transition from old to new systems in my Cub pack and at the Beaver colony I help at. For me, it seems like the new programme is very much like the way we used to run the old programme, but it has been a bit of a chore to cross over.

    Has anyone else got any comments to make on the new programme and hints / tips for others to cross over to the new porgramme without hitting pitfalls you have experienced?
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    New Programme Followup

    My initial thoughts would be:

    * Make sure you spend time planning for the change in your local unit*
    * Remember to always 'count up' the awards.
    * A well run unit* will have no major challenges in the new programme, although it may open your eyes to new methods and activities to be doing
    * The badges can sometimes be hard to get hold of, so make sure that you plan that well in advance.
    * The badge logo can sometimes not look like what they say in the manual, so when you get them you may need to ask the info. centre what they are.
    * Make sure that you continue planning & running enjoyable activities.


    Can I plug here, if you want to sell some old stock of badges, try there....

    (I'm using unit in place of colony/pack/troop/unit/network)[/list]

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    When setting up the Enigma Unit I threw out all pre-concieved ideas I had of what Scouting should be. We looked at the programme and the what was available for the Explorer Unit and put this to the Explorers. They come up with the programme and so long as it's within the realm of POR we do it. They organised a Halloween Hike with incidents that went I must admit really well. The next thing on their to do list is a caving and shopping! weekend in Somerset. (Well the Unit is 75% young ladies!) Having a days caving in the Mendips and then Sunday morning at the Clarks shopping village at Street. In between time they meet when they feel they need a meeting to either organise something between themselves or to just have a "Scout type meeting". For instance they are doing Backwoods Cooking next week and have invited the older Scouts and Guides along. The young people at Explorer age have so much on and so much pressure on their time we have found it is best to let do what they want when they can do it. Again within reason and POR.
    We started with four young people that wanted Explorers and now we already doubled our numbers and have recuited a new young leader to the Unit. So hopefully we are doing something right.
    The Explorers have a long list of what they think they should get out of Scouting and hopefully we will be able to help to facilitate them. My only regret at the moment is that I will be unable to do a Summer Camp with them this year as I have other commitments. They have approached one of the other local Explorers and if all goes well they will be going with them. Next year we are planning to go to Lochgoilhead to the Activity centre as most of them are into watersports and having been there when I was with the Scouts It will be perfct for them.
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