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Thread: Read This Before Using This For Sale / Wanted Forum

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    Read This Before Using This For Sale / Wanted Forum

    Items For Sale / Wanted
    This forum is for the Sale of Items belonging to a Scout body or individuals (Aged 18 or over) only. All items for sale must be strictly non commercial and be Scouting related.

    Any wanted items must also be Scouting related.

    Escouts is not responsible for the sales transaction and any sales that are entered into are entirely at the risk of the people or Groups etc involved. Escouts will not mediate any dispute regarding the sale of items.

    Descriptions of items must be as accurate as possible. The descriptions should include the size of the object, if applicable. Also, if selling more than one item please note the quantity. Post details of pick-up and postage in the UK.

    People who start threads are responsible for indicating when the item has been sold, or acquired (if requested). It is at this point when the thread can have a suitable pre-fix added to its title.

    Posting a For Sale Item (example)

    Subject: For Sale: Vango Force Ten Tent

    Body: The 1st Anytown Scout Group has a Vango Force Ten 2 man tent for sale. The tent was purchased in 1996 and is of reasonable condition.

    Cost of tent: £80

    Pick up from Swindon (Free), Post and packing in the UK: £10
    Please PM me for further information.

    Communication regarding sales or wanted items must be made via Private Messaging on the Escouts: Community (Forum). Escouts suggest that addresses of individuals only be given out in a Personal Message (PM). We cannot be held responsible for mis-use of any information given out to the public.

    If you are looking to post an item for rent please use the dedicated forum here.

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