The following copyrights apply to this site and the Escouts service:

This forum is powered by vBulletin which is copyright Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
Hacks and themes remain the copyright of their respective owners.

All posts remain copyright of their posters. Escouts cannot be held responsible for the contents of these posts, although we do endeavour to moderate the forums.

All the rest is Copyright the Escouts Team.

The Escouts Team collects personal information from new customers solely for the basis of assessing their application and to prevent fraud. This information is not shared with third parties, but on occasion we may mass email all users to share important information.

The forum (optionally) places a cookie on your computer to enhance your user experience. This may be switched on and off at registration or in the profile option.

The Escouts Team and Pathfinder Hosting offer the Escouts service freely. This offer is made without guarentees as to availability, or with any inference of performance or suitability. Neither the Escouts Team members nor Pathfinder Hosting can be held responsible for losses caused as a result of any failings in the Escouts service.

The Escouts Team reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time and to refuse any applications. It also reserves the right to change/widen the availability criteria without precedent on an ad-hoc basis.

Should it be necessary to cease the service, we will give users 28 days notice, ample time to make alternative arrangements.

This information is subject to change and users are advised to check back often