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    About Escouts

    Escouts is simply the biggest online Scout Community in the United Kingdom. Whilst the primary audience is the UK, in the last year Escouts was visited by people in 199 countries across the world. Daily we get on average 1000 visitors (excluding search engines).

    Escouts stared in May 2001, whilst initially offering Free Web Hosting, shortly afterwards a Forum was installed, and the online Community has been growing ever since. Whilst Escouts no longer offers Free Web hosting it remains the starting point for information and advice on how to start a Scout website.

    The Escouts Team are:

    • Richard Fairbairn (Richard)
    • Jonathan Bloor (Bloory) J
    • Daniel Haigh (Daniel)
    • Richard Willars (Richard Willars)
    • Gavin Holt (Magician)
    • Matt Collins (mattcollins171)
    • Phil Banyard (Phil4071)
    • Craig Worcester (Craig)
    • Mike Jury (MikeJ)
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