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Thread: Does your Scout Group do gift aid?

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    Ahh, the age old problem of sticking ones head above the parapet!
    Have had that come back to bite me just once or twice.. Can't help on this issue though I am afraid.

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    I look after the Gift Aid for our group. The hard part is getting all of the Gift Aid declarations signed, once the form from the Inland Revenue had been customised for our group and printed on yellow paper to make them stand out, a supply was given to the Section Leaders and they were tasked with getting the forms signed. A form is also now included in the Welcome Pack given to all the new Beavers, Cubs and Scouts joining the group.

    The forms are returned to me and I tick them off against the Section Membership Lists. For simplicity we send out a form for each child so we may end up with duplicates for a particular tax payer. I chase up any missing forms with a phone call and then record the tax payer's verbal agreement on a blank form.

    I would start by initially claiming for the last tax year as this will be the easiest to get payment details for. The Section Leaders send a copy of their termly capitation return to me so I can easily fill in the claim form. It takes less than a couple of hours to fill in the forms required for the year - not bad for a £1000 claim.

    The hard part is trying to do the backdated claims, I found that our records were fragmented over several sources and in places incomplete, it took around 3 months to track down the paperwork with the Section Leaders and Group Treasurer sending me copies of bits as they were found. My work over this period was only a couple of evenings filling in the forms. We limited our backdated claim to only claiming for those children that were still in the group and those with siblings in the group. Trying to track down parents whose children left up to 6 years ago was felt to be far too hard.

    Now that the system is set up I hope it will only take a couple of hours to sort out a year's claim.


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    Our GSL claims on any monies given in payments for camps, this can increase your gift aid payout significantly if your group does lots of camping.

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    As I mentioned earlier in this thread you need to be very careful claiming for camps as only gifts and membership fees are clearly covered by gift aid. Where you are paying for a benefit such as going on camp is far less clearly covered.

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    so we are covered by
    * that the payments do no more than secure membership of the charity

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    During training I was told camp fees are not giftaidable.

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    I went to a fundraising roadshow with our GSL last November and the main idea we came away with was GiftAid. Some fund schemes apparently stipulate that your group must do GiftAid before you can be eligible for certain grants, etc. Seems fair enough - if you can't be bothered to do the paperwork to claim back money from the IR, why should anyone else give you money?

    We have got about 50% of current parents to fill out a GiftAid Declaration. Luckily some (only a few) have been with the group for some years so I was able to make a claim for a small proportion of subs going back to 2001. Three weeks ago a deposit of £200.85 landed in our group bank account from the IR (they pay by BACS, including interest as someone on here has said, so you don't even have to take the cheque to the bank!).

    There's nothing to loose, but sadly there's a fair amount of paperwork and number crunching required to make the claim. It will be easier for the current year as hopefully I have a system set up now. I'd say DO IT, unless your group is rolling in money

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    Having just joined and been busy reading various threads, so please accept my apologies in advance if this is covered elsewhere.

    If you are getting gift aid on all donations that is free money.

    Many leaders don't bother claiming their 40p per mile as many groups are strapped for cash. However if they all claimed their 40p per mile and then donated it back to the group and signed the gift aid form even more free money

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