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Thread: St Georges Day Parade...

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    St Georges Day Parade...

    Whats peoples opinion the St Georges Day
    What Sorts of things do you do..
    Im Writing an Article for Scouting Magazine...

    If you could do it Diffrently what would you do/ Maybe you Do all ready?

    Whats peoples thoughts on the Traditional March or maybe something fresh and new?

    Thoughts Please...
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    OUr District does not do anything as a District, however various Groups do their own thing
    Previous Districts I have been in have had the parade and church service - personally I have found these to be boring
    Out in Germany we always had a short parade and service, followed by a day of activities - lot more fun
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    Our District does a parade though the centre of town to the church. People moan that its the same old format but it is always well attended, 400-500 YPs.

    It would be nice to have something different occasionally but I think if we missed out a year it would finish as a lot of the costs are paid by the Council as it is a civic function. If they (the Council) didn't have to pay one year then it might be difficult to persuade them the next.

    A Parade followed by activities in a park always seemed like a good idea to me, unfortunately none of our parks are in a suitable position to get to by foot.
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    We have a District Parade and it travels around the District as to who hosts it. For the Centenary the whole County went to Alton Towers and there was no Parade at all and I felt this was a bit of a letdown. There are some who would like to do something different but without any ideas of what......
    I enjoy the whole pomp and circumstance and getting the kids out and about in uniform and seen.
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    We have a fun parade with a fun day and activities in the town playing field.

    for 2009 we might change location and route but still needs TBC

    Below is a artical in the local press at the time

    A KNIGHT and dragons joined hundreds of scouts parading through Daventry town centre on Saturday to mark St George's Day.
    The annual parade of cubs, scouts and beavers from across the Daventry area set out from the Chaucer Way car park and headed through the town's streets to arrive at the New Street Rec where the groups renewed their promises and took part in races.
    The 350 young people, aged from six to 18, were led by Sylvia Underlin, group scout leader from Long Buckby Scout Group, and Georgina Miles, group scout leader from Pitsford Scout Group, who received the silver acorn and silver wolf awards respectively for outstanding service to the scout movement.

    Assistant district commissioner John Rogers said: "The young people had a great time – they really enjoyed being able to dress up and take part in something that's fun to do.

    "We used to parade from St James Street to Holy Cross Church but we changed that a couple of years ago to mix the formal with the informal so they could take part in what is the spirit of scouting – fun activities with your friends."

    After walking through the town the scouts renewed their promise on the Rec before taking part in races and other competitions.

    The beavers (aged six to eight) and cubs (eight to 10) made dragons, while the scouts (10 to 14) made push karts.

    The event was supported by a community event grant from Daventry District Council (DDC) and Mayor of Daventry Malcolm Adcock and DDC chairman Alan Hills both went along.
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    We normally have parade and service (as a District)followed by some fun activities, often for all the family.

    The last few years the District have involved more young people in the service and it's paid off (where else would the idea of a time travelling Scout in a Tardis have come from...) (scroll down)

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