We are no longer taking questions. Peter will answer what's there when he gets a second

Here are the rules for the use of this forum to post questions to the Chief Scout.
  • EVERY new question, on a different subject MUST be posted in a new thread.
  • Discussions about questions should take place in the related discussion forum http://www.escouts.org.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=158 . Questions should be left for Peter to answer
  • The normal rules apply of the forum apply
  • NO confidential infomation should be included whatsover. If you have a issue that needs resolved please contact your District, County/Scot Region/Area. You can get advice from the information centre at Gilwell
  • 1 question per user
  • Please remember and be courteous
  • Above all BE PATIENT. Peter is a busy man, so it will take time for him to answer questions.
  • Peter will not start answering questions until after 20th October 2008