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Thread: The outdated perception of Scouting

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    The outdated perception of Scouting

    Hi Peter.

    The single most difficult thing about scouting I find is the outdated perceptions that some youths in the community have about us - they take one look at the uniform & decide we're not "Cool"! Never mind all the great activities we do etc.

    The negative side of this that I have experienced with those of Scout age (Cubs & Beavers don't seem to worry so much) is what their non scouting mates think of Scouting & the ensuing mickey take - indeed my own 13yr old son who's been in our group since he was 6 as a Beaver, has just announced he's not doing bag packing in our local supermarket this year as he doesn't want to be seen in his Scout uniform...

    We need some kind of high level coverage that even those "non-scouty" types may sit up & take notice - something that makes them look past the uniform & understand what we're about these days.

    Is there anything planned by HQ to tackle this problem or do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your time.


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    I agree it is a fundamental that has never been resolved. When I was asked to be Chief Scout I understood that to wear the uniform at certain occasions was needed whilst at the same time being asked promote the ‘adventure’ brand/image, a kind of hybrid approach with the intention I presume of making scouting more ‘cool’ The dilemma of the transitional teenager who likes scouting but dislikes wearing his uniform could be appeased by a more relaxed approach and just the same for the prospective volunteer who feels strange dressing up in a certain way but loves the ethos. However, I think the perception of scouting has changed over the last few years by a more informal attitude and young scouts appearing in the media as themselves and not as the mouthpiece of an adult. The sexual health campaign was an example (though not if you read the Daily Mail)
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