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Thread: Youth Particpation

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    Youth Particpation

    Hi Peter,

    Welcome back to !

    Unfortuantly not all Districts/Counties/Regions seem to like the idea of having us young people on their committees and actively involved in decision making.

    I wondered what your view's are on youth particpation (do you think it's important, valuable?) on the different decision making committees in our Scouting Districts etc?

    Thanks very much,

    Catch you all later,


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    Well clearly a youth movement should be influenced by the youth it represents The obvious problem is that young people want to do scouting and not sit down and have meetings (some older ones to). I know a lot of effort goes into their voice being heard and affecting descisions. Lets look forward to the next edition of scouting magazine. If you dont empower people, and just dictate, they eventually drift away and go elsewhere.
    Peter Duncan
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