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Thread: Founders Day

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    Founders Day

    I was lucky enough to attend Founders Day Service at Westmister Abbey in London with some of our group, my ten year old son (a new sea scout) was challenged by "ninthskip" to give a badge to the Chief Scout. He met you, and was inspired by the service to go on and help raise money for children in the world who died through lack of clean water.

    He got his scout group to collect £303 through donated water bottles, and Jacob himself did a sponsored swim raising £1,011.13p.

    I want to say thank you. Thank you for meeting a young scout, helping him realise his first challenge and to let you know that your photo is on his wall, on the wall at our scout HQ and that meeting really met a lot to Jacob. He has realised already that one person can really make a difference.

    My question... I want know what in your time of chief scout that you have found really inspirational?
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    Today I have been filming 'celebrity cash in the attic' to raise funds for Jimmy Mizzen's Jimmy Bus campaign. Jimmy was a victim of violence but his family
    have been inspirational in how they responded to his death. They wanted to support the scouts and church that Jimmy was active in. People have been inspired to help them, me included. That's inspirational.
    Hey Jacob well done, thats inspirational too!
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