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Thread: How Often do you read Escouts?

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    How Often do you read Escouts?

    Hello Peter,

    I know that you only have time to answer questions on Escouts every once in a while.This however, does not mean you cant have a quick read every now and then

    So my question is, How often (If you do) do you read Escouts outwith these question times, and do you take any feedback to HQ.

    Thanks for your time

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    I think the point of communicating on escouts is that it is an open forum so anyone who is member can see what others have to say. If HQ or anyone else
    goes online it has served its purpose. Interesting to note if I post an answer
    the number of views shoots up. Hello viewers, nice to have with us.
    Peter Duncan
    Vice President
    (& Former Chief Scout)
    The Scout Association

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