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Thread: FREE stuff from the Scouting Association

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    FREE stuff from the Scouting Association


    I'm quite new to eSCOUTS, and fairly new to being a Scout Leader (started a new Cub Pack in June-- it's all my boyfriend's fault!!)

    Anyway, being a bit over-ambitious, I went to the scoutbase site, and found all the sponsored activity badges for Cubs and Scouts, and ordered them all!!! My GSL and several of the other leaders were amazed at the stuff I got for free, and it's still coming (they changed a number of the sponsored badges about a month ago, so it's a whole new list).

    So, my question to you all is this.... how many of you have ordered the free sponsored activity packs from the SA, and then actually used them in your programme???

    Inquiring minds wanna know....

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    Welcome to !

    I regularly send off for the freebies and they either get used on the Pack/Colony night or get sent home for them to do on a rainy afternoon if they want the badge. The parents love them, it makes my life easier and the kids get something to do. I really like them when they have a certificate as well!
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    Sponsored Stuff

    Ordered challenge and fire safety stuff for scouts. As we've got competent parent helpers running the Troop prog at the moment, they're looking for all the help they can get. We'll weave it into next term.
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    Welcome to Karen!

    We used the OS stuff for map reader, which was pretty good.

    I received the Personal Safety badge stuff last week, but I won't be using it. It is all about railway safety, and too narrowly focussed to be of any real use.
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    Yes Welcome to Escouts Karen.

    We use the Free Stuff all the time, the most recent we have usae has been the National Grid Cub Home Safety Pack, but we have also used Rolls Royce Cub Scientist Badge Pack as well as the Ordance Survey Cub Navigators Badge.

    They are an easy way to get the Cubs etc to do badge work at home
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    I use it - the beaver healthy eating pack is great for example...

    We tend not to use it in the programme but instead give it out to everyone as either a holiday challenge, or to a parent who is asking to do a badge at home.... they love the idea as they can see what needs doing and bring it back done!
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    The Ordnance Survey stuff for Scouts is brilliant. Just about all I ever needed them to know. Their cub stuff was a bit thin in my opinion.

    Don Tregartha
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    Used the Scout Stuff OS Stuff, Science stuff for Cubs and the Home Safety... All was found to be very Helpfull and worked in and around with the programme
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