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Thread: Scouting Magazine (Youth Edition Dec 2008/Jan 2009)

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    I am a young leader but I don't get the magazine. I read somewhere that YLs could now get the magazine. Is this true?

    Also are YLs supposed to have a membership number??

    Sorry don't no anything about this :P.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nele View Post
    I let the info centre know that we'd had the wrong supplements, and I got this reply
    'There was an issue with the distribution of the Scouting Magazine this time, due to us using a new firm of printers. Hopefully this won't happen again.'

    As Id also mentioned that we'd given my son the network supplement to read, they also nicely offered to send us that too in future, if we provide his membership number.
    bingo! so the new printers are now in the doodoo with their new client and will have to do a deal to keep them sweet..


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    Quote Originally Posted by _becky_ View Post
    If you found the articles to be patronising, or telling you things you already know then personally I imagine you are one of 2 groups of people:
    1) Very experienced leaders, who communicate well with young people and often take time to investigate what they think and how they feel, in which case congratulations and I apologise for wasting your time.

    2) The kind of person we aimed this magazine at, who thinks they're doing everything right, knows what young people want but actually is really out of touch. I'm a Young Leader, and both my parents are Leaders, and believe me when I say that I do know how much work you all put in, and how our articles could be interpreted as whiney, however we honestly were trying to get across the message that young people FEEL (whether this is the reality or not) that they aren't listened to and respected. Possibly if you feel you are doing many of our suggestions (or a similar equivalent) already, then you need to make sure that your Young People can see this.
    If nothing else this thread has got everyone debating like no other. Whatever our view of young people the fact remains that their perception is that there are large numbers of us 'oldies' that are viewed as being out of touch. We're never going to get this completely right but thinking about the whole issue this is actually good grounding for adult leadership.

    I regularly attend meetings where I'm convinced that people aren't listening to a word I'm saying. I still come into contact with many leaders that I consider are old and out of touch. I've got 29 years of leadership behind me but on occasions I'm still treated like the 'new boy' whose opinion doesn't count because he didn't grow up with BP. The lack of respect for other leaders' views is almost embarassing at some District Meetings. So YP, don't take our attitude personally, it doesn't get any better when you are older!

    The only comment that has really angered me in this thread is suggesting that I should be better organised in order to have a meal before Cubs. Sometimes its not easy to ask clients to rearrange their schedules to fit in with my Cub Pack. I try but there is a real World outside of scouting that actually has to come first if we are to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads.

    To return to the thread however, it is great to see that we have so many enthusiastic YP in the movement and I offer tham all my congratulations - please don't take the comments to heart. Its also really good that they have been prepared to stand up and be counted here....... and yes, you may be the future of scouting, but so are the rest of us, we're just a few years closer to becomming the past.
    The Roman Empire did not become great by holding meetings. It did so by killing everyone that opposed their point of view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmolesey View Post
    I am a young leader but I don't get the magazine. I read somewhere that YLs could now get the magazine. Is this true?

    Also are YLs supposed to have a membership number??

    Sorry don't no anything about this :P.

    Hi there - I believe it is a plan but it is not there yet! Until the new "My Backpack" I was adding my District YLs on so that they had a membership number and could access POL - however they don't seem to get Scouting Plus or Scouting Magazine (boo hoo!).

    With the latest version I have stopped doing that because I can't edit their records until my District appointment comes through - the security has been tightened.

    I suggest that all YLs start to pester Gilwell to be able to get Scouting - especially since YP were allowed to edit the magazine.

    John Alexander,
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    Quote Originally Posted by big chris View Post
    that's the daftness... it is a whizz bang super modern jazzy magazine with wild fonts and clashing colours... but the readership is almost entirely leaders...

    it rather misses the point...

    i even gave my wifes copy (i didnt recieve mine) to my patrol leaders and they thought is was still boring and hard going.

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    how does this arrive?

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    In the post

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    Also can be view on
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    Erm, isn't the Feb/Mar issue now a little late...?
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    I hate to blame everything on the snow, but I was guessing that that was why our copy hadn't arrived. I've seen it in print already though, so I'm sure they're on their way!

    EDIT: You're just eager to see it because you want to flip to the back and see if the Last Laugh has returned!
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    mine arrived in the post today - first post this week
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    Got mine last week, so still in January.
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    There is a thread about the new Scouting Magazine (The Big Adventure Feb/March 2009) here

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