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Thread: The Isle of Wight - Corf Campsite

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    The Isle of Wight - Corf Campsite

    I was wondering is anyone had camped on the Isle of Wight before and could let me know what they thought of it! I hope to take about 15-20 Explorer Scouts this summer.

    A search through the ScoutBase directory comes up with 6 results for Scout campsites and five of those are attached to an HQ.

    The top of the list for me at the moment is Corf Scout Campsite.

    Unfortunately the website is rather out of date (no updates since 2006 it seems) but I have spoken to their booking manager who seems to have nice things to say about the site funnily enough!

    If anyone has camped there or knows of someone who has, I'd love to hear what they think!


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    We camped there last May over the Centenary weekend when the IoW was the wettest part of the UK - the lower sites flooded but then so did most of the UK.
    My wife's Guide District had a really good time in 2006 and can thoroughly recommend it. The creek was ideal for water activities although you need a tide table. The individual sites are screened by hedging so there was a good element of privacy if thats what you want.
    Facilities were basic when we were there but there was wet weather accomodation for the flooded out groups and a small shop. They had lockable fridge space for hire which was useful for keeping beer cold.
    Overall it was a good 'local' site and a good base for exploring the island. Hopefully there's an IoW scouter somewhere who can offer more advice, apparently its very heavily used by the home groups.
    There's also a really good cinema nearby for escaping monsoons - 3 hours of Keira Knightly considerably raised the spirits. I've got some photos somewhere of the site if that would be any use? PM me if so.
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    I camped there in about 1995 as a scout and absolutely loved the site, however, when I tried to book it in January 2005, they were fullybooked for most of the summer so i would get phoning now!
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