View Poll Results: What is your single biggest issue delivering and maintaining a full programme

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  • Record Keeping

    19 19.59%
  • Programming for Zones

    14 14.43%
  • Leaders available to deliver programme

    30 30.93%
  • Programme Planning

    10 10.31%
  • Ordering Badges

    1 1.03%
  • Resources

    3 3.09%
  • Costs

    7 7.22%
  • Keeping Up With the Changes

    1 1.03%
  • Specialist Instructors

    5 5.15%
  • Other

    7 7.22%
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Thread: Poll: What is your single biggest issue delivering and maintaining a full programme

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    I have opted for resources, but it could also be specialist instructors.

    I don't have a problem with coming up with an interesting and varied programme for my Beavers, what I do have a problem with is delivering those ideas when they are outside my field of knowledge or experience.

    Getting "someone in to talk to the Beavers about xyz" isn't as easy as it sounds.

    I enjoy doing badge paperwork so don't find this onerous but it probably helps that there are fewer challenges in my section.

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    I voted Specialist instructors.

    I get fed up of canceling an evening or wasting it just playing games because the instructor fails to show. We've had this on camp as well, where the booked (months in advance) instructors fail to show at the last minute (and not due to accident, illness or crisis). We're starting the long process of growing our own but it will take time.

    On the records front, it does make a great difference if you can get someone to keep the records who is not front line programme delivery. Also if kids fail to show for one part of a multi-session badge/challenge, then it's down to them to provide evidence/work to make it up or they just miss out.

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    I don't worry over much about it. We used to follow the programme in detail and had a lot of achievers in the Awards, but since the new prog came in we have never got to grips with it so we just do what we do, tick off what we can and if the kids are happy and learning then we're doing the job. if over the year we manage to:-

    Teach cooking (indoor and out) , archery, kayaking, camp skills, environmental projects, international events, community projects, crafts and practical skills, then I think we are pretty close. We even actually cover spiritual elements as we go along, and relationships as and when the need arises.

    But sticking to it rigidly has been fraught with difficulty due to the lack of regular adult support.

    Scouting is about having fun whilst developing, not ticking boxes.
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    Difficult to choose one, but I went for specialist activities, as they have proved hardest to find at a reasonable price and with appropriate standards here. Self grown instructors is hopeless as they'd have to go to the UK for courses and assessment.

    However our local campsite is now working with a specialist firm to provide some activities so there is hope. costs about 12-13 euro per activity and Im waiting to hear more.

    Record keeping is another bugbear. We find we can cover most of the challenges without any worries through running a varied programme, but keeping up with who did what when is difficult.

    Leaders to run things is another.. we have loads of scout leaders at the moment, but can't get a summer camp organised this year as people can't take enough time off, and naturally want a family holiday.
    Saturday/weekend events are also difficult as they clash with other activities..both for leaders and scouts. For that reason we get very few hikes away as the hikes we run during meetings are too short (2 hours) and longer is not possible on a school night, or after a full days work/school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nele View Post
    .... can't get a summer camp organised this year as people can't take enough time off...... Saturday/weekend events are also difficult as they clash with other activities..both for leaders and scouts.
    We are in exactly the same boat this year! GSL going to Canada with the District (and new helper), ASL desperately trying to save family business from the Credit Crunch and not taking any holidays and that leaves just me - so no Summer Camp!

    Weekends are sabotaged by Parental Access arrangements for split families. Getting everybody on board for the same weekend seems to be totally impossible!

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    Currently I'd say finding the time to sort out exactly what we are doing each week (specifically as opposed to broadly). However this is mainly because I am temporarily running Beavers as the only Leader whilst also still being the main Leader running Explorers. Luckily the other AESL has offered to completely run a couple of evenings this term so silver linings and all that

    I also struggle to keep up with the badgework records but that is more related to the above problem meaning I don't have the time to do it properly than it being too difficult to do

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    I'v voted for Badges, as I cant ever seem to get my head around getting them in, and when i do order them from badge man, i get them in drips and drabs, so hold on to them till I get all of them. befor handing them all out, Its a nightmar, Was thinking about starting to order them online, but then would have to order from my personal a/c and hand the invoice in to get the money back! I hate having to do it that way! Specialy seeing that my account is now nearly empty!

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