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Thread: chief scout award gold

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    chief scout award gold

    Hi all

    well tonight i went to a county scout leaders meeting which was mainly for the launch of ham2010 , but one of the topics covered was the chief scouts award

    we were asked to discuss how do we manage progress of the chief scouts award but more importantly how do we do the challenges , for example do we conentrate on one a term or is it do as and when , or do we allow the scouts do some on there own

    the results of the discussion were interesting and well made me wonder what others do
    for example i try and incorporate parts of challnge badges into my programme as much as possible and the tick the boxes as its been done for those who attended
    so if i do decrotive knotting for a little fun this then would go to the creative challenge but then the following week we have a visitor from the police who talk about the effects of drugs and alcohol which in turn goes towards fitness challenge

    in fairness there is no wrong or right but i just wanted to know what others do

    speak soon

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    Thats certainly how I manage my Cub Challenges. We write a progamme as a Leadership team, and then I make the Challenges fit it and tick of those Cubs that attend and complete each week.

    We do occasionally concentrate on one Challenge - usually the Global or Faith as these need some more specialised things.

    The same goes for the activity badges. I have a huge spreadsheet where I can tick off parts for each one depending on which Cubs turn up each week. I don't feel that they should have to coplete all the parts of an activity badge at once.

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