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    Patrol Competition

    Everyone appears to at some point mention that they run a Patrol Competition or some form of points scoring system within the Troop. I'd really like to run something like this and had a brief attempt at it but it didn't really work that well.
    The problems we had were:
    1. What do you award points for and how do you keep it fair?
    2. What prizes do you give for the winning patrol?
    3. When do you award the prize and start the competition again?

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    this month the winning patrol is going bowling as a patrol and the group pays the bill, last month the winning patrol went caving. I have found thay carrot is better than stick.
    But I presume i'm going to get slated for this but what the hell it works


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    We are with Badger!!!!!!!!

    Carrot rathor than stick. Each watch does a monthly challange and gets a small prize on the evening. At the end of the year the Watch goes out on a special night out or trip/camp. Their choice.

    Works for us so lets get slated together!
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    We award points for: inspection; games and activities; badges that members of the patrol earn.

    The PL's are told what things earn their Patrol points at the start of the year and we stick to it. We let the PL's then explain to their Patrol's the points system. This gives the PL's a little extra responsibility, which we hope will help them become more effective PL's. Obviously we step in if one starts to fall behind.

    If we have an individual game, like port and starboard, the winner is awarded 10 points and second is awarded 5 points.

    At our Group Coffee morning this year, Patrols were told that the amount of money raised by their stalls would be converted in to points for the competition.

    I have started to keep all weekly totals in a google docs spreadsheet which is available to all the scouts to look at. This make sure the kids see it is not fixed and we don't just add points on randomly.

    Prizes have varied over the years, usually we award smaller prizes for each of the three terms and a larger prize at the end of the year.

    The best way in my opinion to keep it fair is to decide before hand what you award points for and what you take points off for, then stick to it. You can't award a Scout 5 points for winning a game one week and 50 points the next time it is played.

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    We have a points board with certain levels on it (4 or 5 I think), the first patrol to reach each level will go microlighting (Friend of mine owns his own).

    We give points for uniform inspection, games, activities, badges (1 for an interest badge and 2 for an advancement badge) and other things as we see fit. We also remove points for things like Scouts who are late without excuse, repeated misbehaviour, cheating, breaking the Scout Law, etc.

    At the end of the year we will empty the points board and restart, unless a patrol manages to make it all the way to the top in which case we will permanently mount the board and make a new one.

    I will try to remember to take some photos of the board, and what we use as points. On the board we use washers, but since these are easy for Scouts to obtain and for them to cheat during the evening we use custom made "bullets". These are heavy pieces of steel that have been machined into a shape similar to a real bullet tip. When I was a Scout in the Troop real bullet tips were used, these are illegal now. Each patrol also has a points bag. The advantage of using these heavy "bullets" is that the patrol can physically feel their points bag grow and shrink during the evening.
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    We have a notebook and award points.

    I go regularly shopping in poundland and pick up good 'prizes' in there.

    We've had water bottles, first aid kits, tent repair kits, compasses etc from there - all suprising quality.

    Every half term we give each winner and individual prize and they get the patrol award.

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    Lightbulb Prizes

    We run a weekly points competition and the scouts get points for turning up in their full uniform, (inspection) games (1st = 10points 2nd = 8 points etc)
    there are other points for gaining badges etc.

    at the end of the term i award the winning patrol with a prize just before christmas the winning Patrol each got a £5 gift voucher (handy timing)

    in the past we have said that the winning patrol gets to go to the next troop outing for free.

    Try giving one of the older scouts the responsibility of looking after the point competition. if you tell them who has won what points then they are responsible for recording them on the chart etc.. all you have to do is call out the points. i'm sure the scvouts will remind you if you have forgotten to award points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Magician View Post

    I have started to keep all weekly totals in a google docs spreadsheet which is available to all the scouts to look at. This make sure the kids see it is not fixed and we don't just add points on randomly.
    Hi Jack - I know this is an old thread - don't suppose you have a copy of the spreadsheet please to save on some wheel re-invention ?
    In between roles/helping out where I can......

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